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Beal and Co. has to be anyone's top choice for high quality workmanship in this region. All one has to do is visit the shop to immediately get the sense that things are done differently over there. From the friendly atmosphere to the dazzling paint jobs you are likely to see on any given day, the place exhibits a unique style all its own.

No less striking is the sense of professional ethics which permeates this business. Bill definitely believes in making sure a job is done right. To him, a project is an opportunity to put his stamp of quality on something (as opposed to simply moving profit margins in and out the bay door). To be sure, they must exist in the black like all other operations. However one cannot escape the realization that with Bill, you are getting something more. Whether it's the first time you meet him or it's the day you are admiring his handiwork on your vehicle, you know that this is a guy you can trust.

To those of you weighing your options, I cannot recommend him highly enough. You will not be disappointed.

Frank Gerard
Hendersonville, NC